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My “cons” list for the digitization of your assets is a bit shorter, especially considering the last 20-years of my life happened simultaneously with the digitization explosion, also known as “The Digital Age”, not only of the World Wide Web, but of document imaging, digital photography, on-line videos, Facebook, Tweeting and Blogging, on-line books and magazines, and Google’s digitization frenzy of every person, place and thing.

The truth is digitization requires an upfront investment in technology, staff and time (money), with a measurable Return-On-Investment (ROI) dependent on successful implementation, and usage. We are all digitized, in almost every aspect of our lives today, so the benefits of increased operational and end-user efficiencies and are still realized. However, the appearance of those savings in our P&Ls may not be as significant as we would like, or even need.

Monetization efforts surrounding digital assets (if an option) can help pay for the process, but doesn’t always (or it may take too long).  Additionally, improperly captioned or meta-tagged digital assets will delay the ROI or the amount of time it takes to achieve an acceptable return.

I encourage you to share your stories and experiences, the pros and cons you have personally encountered, with us. Be sure to state your current position on digitization, whether you are partially, in-process, or fully digitized, or exploring this option for the future. Next Hot Topic….DAMs!

“One must spend time in gathering knowledge to give it out richly.” – Edmund Clarence Stedman

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