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Our media and archiving pedigree comes from Eastman Kodak, the leader in photographic film throughout the 20th century. LAC Group acquired Kodak’s film preservation and archiving division, PRO-TEK Vaults, in 2013. 

As part of that acquisition, the PRO-TEK team and facilities in Burbank, California stayed in place and have since evolved to encompass more services and capabilities in southern California, including digital scanning and archiving services and the creation of a state-of-the-art film vault in Ventura County.

Our facilities are top-notch and our people are the best in the business. More than technicians, they are preservation experts, many recognized in the motion picture industry as cinematography and nitrate film historians. 

Everyone in LAC Group’s media and archive services team brings a deep respect for historical and cultural significance, creative artistry and preservation science to the important  work we do on behalf of our clients.

What sets LAC Group apart from other preservation and archiving providers is personalized service. We’re big enough to offer specialized capabilities, capacity to expand, and peace of mind, yet small enough to give you personal care, with attention to every detail.